Back story: EEMI is a highly evangelical setup, with the highest number of the membership being the youth. EEMI is working to grow its reach both physically and online through various methods.

Having conducted a considerable amount of high schools, there was a large following of the ministry which required a good involvement plan for the various groups, in terms of fellowship and mentorship, while transitioning and going through campus life and also bring in their friends and colleagues to have the same experience.

Our Solution: We resolved to build an online community that would be eventually run by the students themselves plus have a set of activities happening to help the students grow spiritually.

The Outcome: Varsity fellowship has been able to bring together more than 200 students on campus, host weekly bible studies, host a 3-day online conference, run a Design Bootcamp and host periodic online mentorship sessions.

Challenge and Goal:
Bring together student in different institutions of higher learning to fellowship, mentorship and stay connected to God.

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