EEMI experienced tremendous growth which meant a growth in audience and coverage, both physical and online. This meant that consistency was a key issue to go by during this period of growth and change. With increased activities both physically and online, there was a great disconnect in how the EEMI brand was represented across different touchpoints.

We built a versatile identity system for EEMI that covered a wide range of applications. The logo was a simplified yet modernized version of the previous logo which was paired with a wide range of colors and fonts to create a strong style.

To make this more effective, we further made strategic online changes, both the website and all social accounts by naming and branding each accordingly. The aim of this was to make it easier to find EEMI online, which is in line with their strategic plan then and improve the general online experience for the EEMI audience to engage with them more easily.

More to that, we created a number of assets and merchandise to help with their day-to-day operations and help them build credibility and generally stand out.

Challenge and Goal:
Creating a unified experience that is extensive and cosistent across different touchpoints. From physical spaces to online, with extensive use cases.

Website Design
Identity Design
Brand strategy
Social media
Print Design